The Reanimator’s Revenge

When visiting the Star City Penitentiary Trent Stone and Tess Carter encounter an old gypsy woman who warns them that the city is facing imminent destruction. An investigation of her claims leads the pair to the City Cemetery where they are attacked by shambling reanimated corpses bent on tearing the city apart. Before long large sections of the population are succumbing to a mysterious sleeping sickness, martial law has been declared, and the dead are tearing the city apart building by building. Trent and Tess must race against time to introduce an antidote into the city’s water supply and face down the villain before the city is completely destroyed. Will they be able to uncover the secret behind the undead plague and bring it to an end? Tune in to “The Reanimator’s Revenge” and cheer as the conflict between Trent, Tess, and their arch-nemesis reaches its thrilling conclusion.