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Ruth Alder, author of “The Nothing Man”, “Good Grief”, and “The Other Side of Everything”, says…

Ghosts… Shapeshifters… The Underworld… Faeries… Strange Magical Beasts… A new twist on Sherlock Holmes… This is not the sort of thing I would normally read. However, I tried the “How to Host an Old time Radio Drama” scripts, and to my surprise I enjoyed them thoroughly. Not only did the scripts describe the above, but they also had ingenious plots, lots of interesting characters, including villains and heroes, and some in between, and they were a great fun read. With the additional instructions provided I can imagine a night of feasting and reading, with much laughter thrown in. I can highly recommend these plays.

Carl Purcell, author of Winter City and Sorceress’ Blood, says…

Having had the distinct pleasure to be a part of several Weird World Studio radio drama dinners, I can say that there is almost nothing like it. The closest approximation would be a murder mystery party but the Old Time Radio Dramas stand as a unique evening of good times. The pulp adventure scripts perfectly capture the exciting and camp feel of the stories told by the likes of Lester Dent with a tongue firmly in cheek. But unlike other homages, the Old Time Radio Dramas put you right in the action. With plenty of opportunity for bad accents, over-the-top acting and improvisation, you’d be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable evening with a group of friends.
The pulp adventure scripts perfectly capture the exciting and camp feel of the stories told by the likes of Lester Dent with a tongue firmly in cheek.

Ben Carpentier says…

I have been to three of these old time radio drama hosted evenings, and I can honestly say it’s a fine way to spend an evening in with a group of friends. The scripts are accessible and engaging, with solid, recognisable plots and exciting twists. The characters (that you and your friends will play) are fun and expressive, and really fit the genre of a radio play well. But the best thing is the plentiful opportunities for hammy acting, impromptu voice-overs, and hilarious improvisation – you might start with a radio play, but you will end up with something that is unique to your evening. Adding music, sound effects, and costumes only makes the whole evening that much more special, but everything you need for an entertaining evening really is in the scripts. They certainly soak up an evening, so having dinner, drinks, and a few snacks to break up the acts is a must. I have no doubt anyone who takes the plunge and runs one of these for their friends will be surprised at how remarkably enjoyable it was.

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