9 tips to Help Write Action Scenes in Audio Drama Scripts

Tips for Planning the Action I’m not particularly good at doing action scenes so a while back I did a bit of research and thinking in order to improve what I do. Here are some general principles for designing action scenes that I arrived at. They help me to be … Continue reading

How to Manage Pacing in Audio Drama Scripts

The Elements of Pacing Here’s some general advice I’ve pulled together from a variety of sources to help me manage the pacing in my scripts. Pacing is concerned with the way we control time in a narrative (both time as it passes in the story, but also the way we … Continue reading

Beginning – How to Begin a Script that Grips

The Elements of a Good Beginning How we begin matters. The beginning of the story needs to establish two essential things. Firstly, we must introduce our protagonist/s in terms of the life they experience as normal (I’ll explain that in a minute). Secondly, we must introduce an event that upsets … Continue reading

Character Arcs Made Easy

Character Arcs Made Easy A SIMPLE WAY TO UNDERSTAND CHARACTER ARCS It’s been fun using this forum to think out loud about the craft of story-telling and story-telling structures. I’ve recently been thinking about character arcs as they apply in audio drama and I thought I’d share the results… Whereas … Continue reading

How to Make the Most of Three Act Structure in Audio Script Writing

THE THREE ACT PLOT Today I’m being a bit controversial. Lots of people really hate three act structure (like the guy who wrote this, for instance… Some even go so far as to say it doesn’t exist (because all stories have a beginning, middle, and end). That’s fine. But … Continue reading

Tips for Keeping Your Audio Drama From Being Forgotten – Memory and Audience Focus

This article was prompted by an excellent blog post by Jack Ward, on how an audio drama can lose an audience. I’ve expanded on those thoughts here to help us look at the slightly different topic of why some audio dramas are so easily forgotten and how this can be … Continue reading

How to use the Scene and Sequel Structure to Improve your Audio Drama Script

Scene and Sequel Structure (the structure of scenes) The Scene and Sequel structure is a useful writing structure from the world of narrative fiction. While just one tool among many, this structure is used to add and heighten dramatic interest in a scene. Basically, it is a six-part structure (two … Continue reading