FN001 – Predator’s Row


Reporter for the Star City Tribune, Claire Templeton, uncovers a pattern of grisly murders that look like the work of a strange new predator and presents her findings to Detective Tony Wells. When Tony finds a seven year old witness to one of the murders, her unbelievable story sets him on a path that will shake his hard boiled certainty about the nature of reality to its core. Caught in a web of intrigue between faery courts, a nightmare world where Trolls fight for scraps beneath the bridges of the modern world, and a magical sword that has an agenda all it's own, Wells must work to uncover a murderer in order to prevent a war among the immortals from spilling over into the mundane realm. Can he solve this mystery in time before the world of nightmares becomes a reality for all humanity? Tune in to “Predator's Row” and marvel at a world of magic and intrigue that lies just beneath the surface of the world you know.

Predator's Row
61 pages (16,450 words)
Are you uncertain whether this is for you? Download a Free Sample.


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Predator’s Row
61 pages (16,450 words)
Are you uncertain whether this is for you? Download a Free Sample.

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Episodes in the Host Your Own “Old Time Radio Drama” series are designed to provide a fun dinner party experience for 6–8 participants. Read along, taking on the role of one or more of the characters in the story, and listen as the exciting drama unfolds. This is the theater of the mind, where the special effects are only limited by your imagination, and your participation will build a memory that you’ll treasure for years to come.


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