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Where Death Comes Uninvited – Episode 3 – Into the Desert

Below we present the complete text of “Into the Desert”, episode 3 of our new Weird Western; Where Death Comes Uninvited. This is a brand new (unpublished) series (featuring a brand new roster of heroes including Jim Wilkes – the Sheriff, Annie Deems – the Crack Shot, Speeding Elk – the … Continue reading

Weird Western - WW001 - Where Death Comes Uninvited

Five Suggestions for Implementing Subtext in Audio Drama

What is Subtext Subtext is the message beneath the message. The meaning beneath the surface that, indirectly communicated, either amplifies, modifies, or contradicts the words that are spoken. It can either be subtractive (where you remove explicit dialog to hint at meaning) or additive (where you add extra meaning to … Continue reading