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The Path of Continual Improvement as an Audio Drama Scriptwriter – A Personal Reflection

CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT – A MODE OF TRAVEL, NOT A DESTINATION Wow, now there’s an arrogant headline. Or at least it would be if I thought I’d arrived at the destination rather than saw myself as a fellow traveller on the path.  This article is my own take on the mindset and … Continue reading

Weird Western - WW001 - Where Death Comes Uninvited

Where Death Comes Uninvited – Episode 2 – A New Deputy is in Town

Below we present the complete text of “A New Deputy in Town”, episode 2 of our new Weird Western; Where Death Comes Uninvited. This is a brand new (unpublished) series (featuring a brand new roster of heroes including Jim Wilkes – the Sheriff, Annie Deems – the Crack Shot, Speeding Elk … Continue reading