Month: June 2016

On the Fence – Episode 1 – Immortal Visitor

Fantasy Noir - FN004 - On the Fence

Below we present the complete text of ‘Immortal Visitor’; episode 1 of On the Fence. ACT 1 SCENE 1: INT. — CROWDED CAFETERIA — MORNING (TULLY, CLAIRE) MUSIC: [1] OPENING THEME — LET IT FINISH. SOUND: [5] (WALLA) BREAKFAST NOISES

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Another Twist of the Tale – Episode 7 – The House

Full Script of our Marion Thauer Brown Scriptwriting Competition winning play (runner up) The House - Episode 7 of A Twist of the Tale (short play series).

To celebrate coming Runner Up in the 2016 Marion Thauer Brown Script Writing Competition we present the complete text of our award winning play ‘The House’ from our ‘A Twist of the Tale’ series of short plays. The House SCENE

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An Ephemeral Deal – Episode 3 – Playing to Win and Lose

Fantasy Noir - FN003 - An Ephemeral Deal

Below we present the complete text of ‘Playing to Win and Lose’; episode 3 (and final) of An Ephemeral Deal. ACT 3 SCENE 12:         INT. — DUNGEON OF THE SUMMER KING — SOME TIME LATER (KING, TONY, FRED) NARRATOR:

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