Month: June 2016

On the Fence – Episode 1 – Immortal Visitor

Fantasy Noir - FN004 - On the Fence

Below we present the complete text of ‘Immortal Visitor’; episode 1 of On the Fence. ACT 1 SCENE 1: INT. — CROWDED CAFETERIA — MORNING (TULLY, CLAIRE) MUSIC: [1] OPENING THEME — LET IT FINISH. SOUND: [5] (WALLA) BREAKFAST NOISES

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An Ephemeral Deal – Episode 3 – Playing to Win and Lose

Fantasy Noir - FN003 - An Ephemeral Deal

Below we present the complete text of ‘Playing to Win and Lose’; episode 3 (and final) of An Ephemeral Deal. ACT 3 SCENE 12:         INT. — DUNGEON OF THE SUMMER KING — SOME TIME LATER (KING, TONY, FRED) NARRATOR:

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